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  2. 桂枝茯苓丸



Cinnamon Twig and Poria Pill

  1. Guizhi Fuling Wan

The Prescription of 桂枝茯苓丸


The book Jin Gui Yao Lue



Gui Zhi: One of the principal drugs, warming and clearing the channels.

Fu Ling: The other principal drug, promoting water metabolism and reinforcing the Qi of the heart and spleen, helping remove blood stasis and prevent miscarriage.

Dan Pi, Shao Yao and Tao Ren: Removing blood stasis and clearing away heat.

Honey: Moderating the actions of all the other ingredients.

The Effect of 桂枝茯苓丸


Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, subduing mass.


Blood stasis in the uterus, marked by threatened abortion, metrostaxis, tender abdominal pain, deep red tongue and uneven pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, prostatic hyperplasia and schizophrenia.


All the ingredients are ground into fine powder and made with honey into pills. 3-5 g of the pills is taken each time, twice daily. Or, the ingredients are decocted in water for oral dose with their dosage modified according to their proportions in the original prescription.