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  2. 柴胡桂枝干姜汤


The Prescription of 柴胡桂枝干姜汤


The book Shang Han Lun



Chai Hu: The principal drug, being bitter and pungent in flavor and slightly cold in nature, clearing away heat through the superficies of the body to relieve exterior syndrome.

Huang Qin: Working together with Chai Hu to clear away heat and mediate Shaoyang and expel pathogens in it.

Tian Hua Fen: Clearing heat and purging fire, generating body fluids and quenching thirst, moistening dryness and resolving phlegm.

Gui Zhi: Expelling pathogenic factors from the muscles and skin by means of diaphoresis, warming the channels to dispel pathogenic cold.

Mu Li: Replenishing Yin, suppressing the hyperactivies of Yang, relieving restlessness and astringing sweating.

Gan Jiang: Warming the lung and dispelling cold so as to eliminate retained phlegm and warming up the spleen-Yang to remove dampness.

Zhi Gan Cao: Invigorating the spleen and stomach, tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

The Effect of 柴胡桂枝干姜汤


Dispel cold, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid and astringe yin.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.