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  2. 抗骨增生丸


The Prescription of 抗骨增生丸



Shu Di: Tonifying yin and blood, supplementing essence.

Rou Cong Rong, Yin Yang Huo, Gu Sui Bu, Gou Ji, Niu Xi and Nv Zhen Zi: Warming the liver and kidney, tonifying kidney-yang, strengthening the knees and waist.

Ji Xue Teng: Activating blood and relaxing the tendons.

Lai Fu Zi: Promoting the flow of qi and dissipating stagnation.

The Effect of 抗骨增生丸


Tonify the kidney, strengthen the tendons and bones, promote the flow of qi, activate blood, and alleviate pain.


Bony spur, hyperplastic spondylitis, cervical syndrome, hypertrophic lumbar inflammation, hypertrophy of thoracic spinal meningitis.