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  2. 归脾汤



Decoction for Invigorating the Spleen and Nourishing the Heart

  1. Guipi Tang
  2. 歸脾湯

The Prescription of 归脾汤


The book Ji Sheng Fang



Huang Qi and Ren Shen: The principal drugs, invigorating Qi and strengthening the spleen.

Dang Gui and Long Yan Rou: Nourishing blood and coordinating Ying, assisting the principal drugs in invigorating Qi and enriching blood.

Bai Zhu and Mu Xiang: Strengthening the spleen and regulating the flow of Qi to cause the stagnation to be avoided which is prone to be brought about by the tonics in the prescription.

Fu Shen, Yuan Zhi and Suan Zao Ren: Nourishing the heart to calm the mind.

Gan Cao, Sheng Jiang and Da Zao: Regulating the stomach and strengthening the spleen.

The Effect of 归脾汤


Invigorating Qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and tonifying the heart.


Syndrome due to deficiency of both the heart and spleen or inability of the spleen to control the flow of blood, marked by palpatation, amnesia, insomnia, dreamful sleep, tending to be frightened, fever of deficiency type, lassitude, poor appetite, sallow complexion, pale tongue with thin whitish coating, and thready weak pulse: or hematochezia, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, preceded menstrual cycle with profuse and light-colored menses, including such diseases with the above symptoms as neurosism, heart disease, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, thrombocytopenic purpura, aplastic anemia and bleeding due to gastroduodenal ulcer.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.