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  2. 开窍通关法


Kai qiao tong guan method: Use the drugs that clear head and refresh the mind to cure obnubilation. Obnubilation can be subdivided into hot and cold Obnubilation that drugs have cold treatment and warm one as well.

1.Liang kai method(cold treatment)

It is effective for warm and hot illness, sudden faint can also apply. Commonly used drugs have The Prescription of Angong Niuhuang Wan, The Prescription of Zhibao Dan, The Prescription of Zixue Dan, etc. To compared with, The Prescription of Angong Niuhuang Wan has better detoxication effect, The Prescription of Zixue Dan takes the second place and has better abatement of fever function while The Prescription of Zhibao Dan comes last but has excellent eliminating phlegm and clearing properties.

2.Wen kai method(warm treatment)

It is useful for apoplexy, phlegm syncope, syncope due to disorder of qi. Common drugs such as The Prescription of Tongguan San, su he xiang wan. The Prescription of Tongguan San is used for spraying nose, causing sneezing to wake patients up, then choose the correct prescription, it is a simple first-aid method. Su he xiang wan also works on clearing head and eliminating phlegm.