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  2. 平息内风法


Calm down endogenous wind is suitable for yang excess in liver, dizziness, extreme heat, infantile convulsions, eclampsia. Amonng these medicines, Zhen Jing(To eliminate spasm, tremble, etc), Qing Gan(To clear liver), Qian Yang(To cure Yin deficiency and liver yang excess) have separate functions on curing disease,so the compatibility of medicines should be applied on different pathogenesis.

It is the treatment of visceral disease. This wind inner wind and its pathogenesis also vary. For Yang reach the extreme degree and initiates the inner wind, then fever, delirium, limbs twitching syndromes would occur; Extreme heat consumes yin qi, blood deficiency causes inner wind and hyperspasmia is common to see;Excess of liver-Yang on top of the body lead to dizziness, headache, flushed face and even sudden fainting, hemiplegia and so on. These types of wind are all inner wind and should not use medicines that have expelling functions.

Common drugs such as Ling Yang Jiao, Gou teng, Shi Jue Ming, Mu Li, Ji Li, Ju Hua, Sang Ye, Tian Ma, E Jiao, Bai Shao, Ji Zi Huang, Long Chi, Ci Shi, Sheng Di Huang, Etc. The Prescription of Lingjiao Gouteng Tang, The Prescription of E Jiao Jizihuang Tang, The Prescription of Zhengan Xifeng Tang, The Prescription of Dihuang Yinzi are all representatives.