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Chang Shan
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Chang Shan (Radix Dichroae)——Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Shen Nong’s Herbal)

  1. Chang Shan
  2. Radix Dichroae
  3. 蜀漆根
  4. Shu Qi Gen
  5. Antifeverile Dichroa Root

The Processing of 常山


The root of the deciduous undershrub Dichroa febrifuga Lour. of the family saxifrage.


Mainly produced in prowinccs in the south of Yangtze River, and Shaanxi and Gansu provinces of China.


Plucked in autumn.

The actual smell and taste

Slight smell and bitter taste.

Best quality

Firm, chicken-bone form, light-yellow surface and cross secrion and smooth.


Unprocessed or stir-baked with liquor.

The Effect of 常山


Bitter, pungent, cold, toxic; liver, stomach, spleen and lung meridians entered.


Induce vomiting, check malaria.


A. Phlegm-fluid retained in chest

It can promote vomiting phlegm-fluid because it has strong action of inducing vomiting when it is used in raw materials. It is combined with Gan Cao, Feng Mi to strengthen the action of inducing vomiting, for instance, for profuse phlegm in chest, it is combined with Gan Cao, decreased and taken with Feng Mi from Qian Jin Fang. For wind-stroke, misting of heart by phlegm, epilepsy, mania, shocked, excessive phlegm-fluid retained and other svndromes, it is combined with other vomiting inducing herbs. For instance, it is used with Li Lu from Dan Xi Xin Fa.

B. Malaria

It is good at checking malaria and indicated for this disease. For all kinds of malaria, it could be applied singly, such as it is applied with its alcoholic preparation from Zhou Hou Fang or combined with other malaria checking herbs. For instance, it is used with Cao Guo and Bing Lang in the formula e Jie Nue Qi Bao Yin from Yi Lian Fang.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 3~9 g. Raw material is for inducing vomiting, while the one stir-baked with alcohol is for checking malaria, Take the medicine half a day or 2 hours before attacking of malaria.