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  2. 射干麻黄汤


The Prescription of 射干麻黄汤


The book Jin Gui Yao Lue



Ma Huang: Relieving exterior syndrome, dispersing cold pathogen.

She Gan: Clearing lung heat and dispelling phlegm.

Xi Xin: Relieving exterior and dispelling cold, warming lung and relieving cough.

Da Zao: Invigorating the spleen-Qi, relieving the liver depression.

Kuan Dong Hua and Zi Wan: Moistening lung to resolve phlegm and relieving cough.

Ban Xia: Dispersing accumulation of pathogens, letting the adverse flow of the stomach-Qi go downwards.

Wu Wei Zi: Astringing lung and replenishing qi.

Sheng Jiang: Regulating the stomach and descending the adverse flow of Qi.

The Effect of 射干麻黄汤


Diffuse the lung qi and eliminate phlegm, direct qi downward and relieve cough.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.