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  2. 大黄蛰虫丸



Rhubark Ground-beetle Pill

  1. Dahuang Zhechong Wan
  2. 大黃蟄蟲丸

The Prescription of 大黄蛰虫丸


The book Jin Gui Yao Lue



Da Huang: One of the principal drugs, removing blood stasis through invigorating blood circulation and purgating, clearing away heat from blood.

Zhe Chong: The other principal drug, removing blood stasis through purgation.

Gan Qi, Tao Ren, Qi Cao, Shui Zhi and Meng Chong: Promoting blood circulation and clearing obstruction from the channels, removing extravasated blood by catharsis.

Huang Qin: Assisting Da Huang in removing blood stasis and heat.

Xing Ren: Aiding Tao Ren in moistening mass due to dryness, activating blood flow and descending Qi.

Sheng Di and Shao Yao: Nourishing blood and Yin.

Gan Cao: Regulating the stomach and supplementing the body resistance, tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

The Effect of 大黄蛰虫丸


Promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis.


Syndrome due to five kinds of impairments caused by overstrain, marked by emaciation, fullness in the stomach which leads to poor appetite, dry skin and nails, dark eyes, deep red tongue and sinking thready uneven pulse; including traumatic injury, swelling and pain due to blood stasis, and cirrhosis.


All the ingredients are ground into fine powder and made with honey into pills. 3 g of the pills is taken each time, twice daily. With the amounts properly modified according to the original proportions, the ingredients may be decocted in water for oral use.