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  2. 增明丸


The Prescription of 增明丸


The book Yu Yao Yuan Fang



Qian Niu Zi and Da Huang: Clear away heat and remove stagnancy.

Shu Di Huang: Nourish the kidney and replenish essence.

Dang Gui: Soothe the liver, tonify blood and activate blood.

Bo He: Disperse wind-heat, improve eyesight.

Huang Qin: Clear heat and remove toxicity.

Zhi Zi: Clear heat syndrome of heart, liver and stomach.

Chuan Xiong: Activate blood circulation and promote the flow of qi.

Shao Yao: Nourish yin and soothe the liver.

Lian Qiao: Disperse wind-heat, clear heart-heat and remove toxicity.

Gan Cao: Temper the actions of all the other ingredients, clear heat and remove toxicity.

Mang Xiao: Soften hardness with purgative, clear heat and relieve swelling.

Mu Xiang and Bing Lang: Promote the circulation of qi to remove stagnancy.

The Effect of 增明丸


Nebula and blurred vision.


All the drugs are pounded into fine powder. The powder is then made into pills. 30~40 pills are taken at times with Jing Jie decoction or tea.