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  2. 增味导赤散


The Prescription of 增味导赤散


The book Ren Zhai Zhi Zhi



Sheng Di Huang: Clear heat and cool blood, stop bleeding.

Mu Tong: Clear heart-fire and promote diuresis.

Huang Qin: Clear heat and remove toxicity.

Che Qian Zi: Induce diuresis to relieve stranguria, drain dampness, clear liver-fire to improve vision and clear lung heat.

Zhi Zi: Purge fire, cool blood and stop bleeding, clear heat.

Chuan Xiong: Activate blood circulation and promote the flow of qi.

Chi Shao: Clear heat and cool blood, activate blood and resolve stasis.

Raw Gan Cao: Tonify qi, clear heat and remove toxicity, and harmonize property of medicine.

The Effect of 增味导赤散


Hematuresis, stranguria complicated by hematuria.


All the drugs are pounded into fine powder. 9 g of the powder is decocted in water with 10 Zhu Ye and Sheng Jiang 10 g in water for oral dose to be taken.