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  2. 增味四物汤


The Prescription of 增味四物汤


The book Ji Yin Gang Mu



Dang Gui: Tonifying and coordinating blood, regulating menstruation.

Bai Shao: Nourishing blood and astringing Yin.

Chuan Xiong: Promoting the circulation of blood and removing the stagnation of Qi, thus preventing other sticky-natured tonics in this prescription from bringing about the stagnation of Qi and blood.

Shu Di: Nourishing yin, enriching blood, supplementing essence of the kidney.

San Leng and E Zhu: Regulating qi, activating blood and dissipating mass.

Rou Gui: Reinforcing fire and strengthening yang, dispelling cold to alleviate pain, warming meridians and collaterals.

Gan Qi: Breaking blood stasis.

The Effect of 增味四物汤


Abdominal mass, blood stasis of women.


All the drugs are pounded into coarse powder. 15 g of the powder is decocted in water for oral dose to be taken.