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  2. 四物汤



Decoction of Four Ingredients

  1. Siwu Tang
  2. 四物湯

The Prescription of 四物汤


The book Tai Ping Hui Min in He Ji Ju Fang



Shu Di: The principal drug, nourishing yin, enriching blood, supplementing essence of the kidney.

Dang Gui: Tonifying and coordinating blood, regulating menstruation.

Bai Shao: Nourishing blood and astringing Yin.

Chuan Xiong: Promoting the circulation of blood and removing the stagnation of Qi, thus preventing other sticky-natured tonics in this prescription from bringing about the stagnation of Qi and blood.

The Effect of 四物汤


Enriching blood and regulating menstruation.


Syndrome due to blood deficiency and blood stasis, marked by palpitation, dizziness, blurred eyes, tinnitus, pallor lips and finger/toe nails, scanty menstruation, or amenorrhea, pain around the umbilicus, pale tongue, and taut thready or thready uneven pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as anemia and irregular menstruation.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.


Because Shu Di and Shao Yao are liable to cause stagnation of Qi and impairment of Yang-Qi due to their Yin-soft nature, this prescription should not be used to treat cases with Yang deficiency of the spleen and stomach, marked by poor appetite and loose stools.