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  2. 四妙勇安汤



Decoction of Four Wonderful Drugs for Quick Restoration of Health.

  1. Simiao Yongan Tang
  2. 四妙勇安湯

The Prescription of 四妙勇安汤


The book Yan Fang Xin Bian



Jin Yin Hua: the principal drug, being sweet in flavor and cold in nature, clearing away heat and toxic material.

Xuan Shen: Purging fire to remove toxic material.

Dang Gui: Promoting the circulation of blood to remove blood stasis.

Gan Cao: Removing toxic material and relieving pain.

The Effect of 四妙勇安汤


Clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting the circulation of blood to arrest pain.


Gangrene of finger or toe due to abundant heat-toxin marked by red, swelling, burning, ulceration, putrefactive odor and terrible pain of the affected limbs, or fever, thirst, reddened tongue and rapid pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms and signs as thromboangiitis obliterans and embolic phlebitis.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.