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  2. 六味地黄丸



Chinese Foxglove Root Pills of Six Ingredients

  1. Liuwei Dihuang Wan
  2. 六味地黃丸

The Prescription of 六味地黄丸


The book Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue



Shu Di: The principal drug, nourishing the kidney and replenishing essence.

Shan Zhu Yu: Warming up and tonifying the kidney and liver, arresting seminal emission.

Shan Yao: Reinforcing the kidney and benefiting the spleen, combining Shu Di and Shan Zhu Yu to enriching all the three Yin.

Ze Xie: Purging fire of the kidney and preventing Shu Di from resulting in stagnation of Qi due to its tonic and sticky nature.

Dan Pi: Clearing away pathogenic fire in the liver and restricting the warm nature of Shan Zhu Yu.

Fu Ling: Inducing diuresis co benefit the spleen, aiding Shan Yao in strengthening the spleen.

The Effect of 六味地黄丸


Nourishing and tonifying the liver and the kidney.


Syndrome of Yin-deficiency marked by weakness and soreness of the loins and knees, dizziness and vertigo, tinnitus and deafness, night sweat and emission, or hectic fever due to bone-heat, Feverish sensation in the palms and soles, reddened tongue with little coating, and thready rapid pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as lung tuberculosis, renal tuberculosis, chronic pyelonephritis, hypertension and menopausal syndrome.


All the ingredients are ground into fine powder and made into boluses with honey, each of which weighs 15 g. 1 bolus is taken by an adult, 3 times daily, This prescription may also be used in the form of decoction with the dosage of the ingredients reduced according to the primary proportions.