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Human and the world

Universe, nature are all big world, human has his own small world. In many aspects, human body structure and nature share similarities. Nature has moon and sun, human has two eyes; nature has rainy and sonny days, people has happy also the bad days; nature has thunder, people have voice, etc... This is the correspondence between man and universe.

Nature and human is the same on property, that is why everything of human should correspond to nature track to reach the harmony.

As the fairy of nature, only in touch with nature, in harmony with nature, can human healthy survive and develop in universe space-time. Health preserving is a method obtained by people in the practice of daily life in order to protect lives, breed and maintaining health.

Human and world
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Comply with the god

Man and nature are an unified whole, organs features of the human body activity and functioning of qi and blood is closely related to seasonal changes. Warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter in one year, four seasons' change affect all things to emerge, grow, wither and hibernate. People living in nature, external environment including changes in seasons, human's physiological and pathological functions and disease prevention will all be affected. Coordinate with this changing can people live a healthier and longer life.

Health preservation in ancient times attaches great importance to the four seasons health care, the Yellow Emperor's has explicitly put forward the "wise men's health will follow the four seasons changing" also the "Foster yang in spring and summer, nourish yin in autumn and winter" and discusses different methods of health preserving in four seasons.

Three months of spring pertain to wood, one should sleep late and get up early to stay energetic, drink less to expel endogenous fire or else the liver being hurt. In this season, diet should be less acid to benefit the spleen.

Three months of summer pertain to fire, diet in summer should be less bitter and more spicy to nourish the lungs. The heart waxes and the kidney wanes, though hot in summer, man should not have cold food, or the stomach feeling cold, man would get sick.

When autumn comes, food should be less spicy and more acid to care liver-qi. Sleep early and get up early, keep the qi within the body and prohibit vomit and sweat. Autumn may be dry, so supplement sesame, pears and lily, tremella to smooth the inner body.

Three months of winter, all things are turning to store and hide; human being should keep feet warm and brain cool. Do solarization for the back and prevent catching cold, avoid sweating to release Yang qi. Keep the eyes away from fire and the bath feet more. At this time of year, the kidney is strong and the heart weak, so the diet should be made less salty and more bitter to support heart-qi.

Conform with the geography advantages

On China vast territory, natural conditions are not the same, so human diseases vary, people in cold regions have tight skin and small pores, it's difficult for exterior illness to invade, so people there probably have more internal injuries. People in tropical areas with loose barrier of the skin, for those may have more carbuncle disease. In some mountainous area, endemic goiter, endemic fluorine disease and Ke shan disease occur frequently. Seashore areas have humid climate, so rheumatic disease is common.

Famous TCM doctor Sun Simiao of Tang dynasty once said, "Whatever medicine people use, it all comply with the local climate. The southern land of China is mountainous with humid and hot climate, people there has thin skin, pores open, so the dose is light; Northern land of the Yellow River is dry climate, people there have tough and thick skin, pores closed, so drugs are repeatedly used". Due to large differences of geographical and ecological environment, people's living habits and diets vary. TCM highlights the regional characteristics, put emphasis on improving effect of food therapy so that people would adapt to different geographical conditions better. For instance, southeastern coastal is moist and warm, proper food should be mild, desiccant; Northwest Highlands are cold and dry, food should be warm, dispelling cold, producing body fluid.

Restricted by rules in nature, man should keep it, thus can he adapt to our earth and live healthily.

Harmony between human and nature
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Enjoy the harmony of humanity and the world

Chinese traditional health care science is impressive among the world, compared with the Western health care model, there are many features and advantages, among which neutral health care is the most elite one, paying much attention to everything balanced and appropriate. Any quantitative change can lead to qualitative change, the equilibrium point in TCM is harmony, balance.

Balanced and harmonious TCM health theory is guided by the overall concept of health. The human body is an organic whole; any part's lesion will affect all body activities. Overall concepts of health include relationships between man and nature, and the relationship between zang-Fu organs and viscera tissue of the body. People could not be separated from nature in which people live in and must adapt to it. First man should adapt to nature wisely, then the zang-fu organs, qi and blood can all reach the balance of harmony.

Thus, to be healthy is harmony, harmony between man and nature, people and society, harmony between man and man, harmony within man himself. The Huang Di Nei Jing states that: "Man correlate with the world, and also correspond to the sun and moon."

From TCM view point, seasonal change, diurnal variation, terrain height, water and mine, vegetation, home decorations, and even social status, living situation, interpersonal issues can affect the physical and mental health of human, adjustment to them would benefit the body, or else be harmful to health, so act carefully as you want to.

The healthy view of TCM is that everyone has his initiative. He can self-checking any time to remind himself to be in good condition and mood. In case qi or blood lacks, or changes too fast, adjustment is necessary. TCM differ from the status-based health-checking method and emphasize on daily self-care. Traditional Chinese health care method aims at reaching longevity, which should be promoted.