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Wu Shao She
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Wu Shao She (Zaocys)——Yao Xing Lun (Treatise on Herb Property)

  1. Wu Shao She
  2. Zaocys
  3. 乌蛇
  4. Wu She
  5. 烏梢蛇
  6. 烏蛇
  7. Garter Snake

The Processing of 乌梢蛇


The dried body of Zaocys dhumnades (Cantor) of family Colubridae.


Most parts of China.


Collected in summer and autumn.

The actual smell and taste

Fishy in smell and bland in taste.

Best quality

Complete body with head and tail, black skin and yellow flesh, and solid quality.


Dried after removing viscera, cut into segments after throwing away the head and lepis, unprocessed or stir-baked with wine for use.

The Effect of 乌梢蛇


Pungent, sweet, mild, liver meridians entered.


Dispel wind-damp, unblock collaterals, stop convulsions, dispel wind to relieve itching.


A. Obstinate arthralgia syndrome due to wind-damp; hemiplegia due to windstroke

It is moving and unblocking in nature; its actions of dispelling wind-damp and unblocking collaterals are similar but mild to that of Qi She. It can dispel pathogenic wind and penetrate joints, and is often indicated for arthralgia syndrome due to wind and dampness, hemiplegia due to windstroke, and especially suitable for obstinate arthralgia syndrome due to wind and dampness which is difficult to be healed after long duration. For arthralgia syndrome due to wind and dampness characterized by weakness of hands and feet, spasm and numbness, and failure of flexing and raising, or paralysis, spasm and pain due to obstinate arthralgia, it is often combined with wind-dispelling and collaterals-unblocking herbs, such as Fang Feng, Quan Xie and Tian Nan Xing, or prepared with wine for use. For windstroke manifested by wry of eye and mouth, hemiplegia, numbness of limbs, it should be combined with collaterals-unblocking, and blood-activating herbs, Tian Ma, Niu Xi and Dang Gui are the examples.

B. Infantile convulsions, tetanus

It enters liver meridian and has the action of stopping convulsions. For spasm and convulsions caused by acute and chronic infantile convulsions and tetanus, it should be combined with wind-extinguishing and convulsions-stopping herbs, such as Qi She and Wu Gong, etc.

C. Rubella, pruritus

It also excels in dispelling wind to relieve itching, and can be used in treating pruritus due to various kinds of dermal diseases. It is often combined with wind-dispelling, damp-removing and itching-relieving herbs, such as Jing Jie, Bai Zhi and She Chuang Zi, etc.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 9~l2g; or ground into powder and take 2~3 g orally for each time; or used in pill, soaked in wine for use. Proper dosage is for topical administration.